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About the Book

     Find inspiration from a life-long journey to persevere despite the odds. Regain purpose, control, and happiness through your chosen passion. Freed by Flamenco provides a template for others to “Make Your Own Sunshine."
     Sandra Samore weaves the story of the path she carved to perform with her teacher for over twenty years. Her passion brought a liberating effect on a life dulled by routine, the mundane, and depression. A mother, teacher, and librarian, she recounts the challenging journey from darkness to sunshine to combine it all in her quest to become a professional flamenco dancer. Keeping a journal helped throughout life, but it was the fiery dance to flamenco guitar that brought her a complete escape.
     Thoughts and ideas at the end of the chapters leads the reader to self-discovery of the mental health benefits that come from following a chosen passion. Banish the clouds and bask in the light that only you can generate.   

     "As long as we keep searching, the answers come."

          ~ Joan Baez ~

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