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     Having been a professional flamenco dancer for more than 25 years and still going, I followed my passion to dance, which led to a means to cope with life's ups and downs. It is my hope to inspire the reader to think about ways to follow a passion and improve their own life, while also learning about the centuries-old dance of Spain, which is ever evolving, like all art forms.

     Born and raised in Iowa and South Dakota, my undergraduate degree was speech and drama with minors in English, physical education, and education certification. I have been a public school teacher in middle and high school and later on, I earned a master's degree and was a middle and high school librarian. 

     Writing my memoir took almost 10 years from the start to finish. It began with a pen, a yellow, leather journal, and a cross-country plane trip. 

     I have also written a children's story, which is a true story about a family of three otters. It was published on Amazon on March 24, 2023, by Sandra and David Samore, and the illustration layout is by Sandra.

     Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon. Click cover to take you to the Amazon site.


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